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Service to Borrowers

Mutual Mortgage Support’s goal is to help lenders to provide outstanding,

quick and efficient loan services to their borrowers.

Is MMS the lender?

No, MMS is not the lender. We are the Loan Manager. Currently, we have arrangements with a large number of lenders in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. To provide better loan services to borrowers, your lender has appointed MMS to manage your loan.

To manage your loan, simply login to your Loan Account. Alternatively, email us your queries at

What if I have financial difficulties?

Please email us your financial situation and we will endeavour to provide you with a suitable solution. Email us at

Can I get a loan statement?

Yes, a loan statement can be downloaded from your Client Portal.

Your Loan Account login is usually your mobile number and your password (emailed to you when your Loan Account was set up). If you have trouble accessing your Account, please reset your password.

How do I login to my Client Portal?

Whom do I contact if I have repayment issues?

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