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On the rare occasions that a dispute occurs, it is our policy to make every attempt to resolve any differences as quickly and amicably as possible. 


To assist you in the resolutions of your concerns, we invite you to review the following resolutions process:


  1. Complete the Resolution Form

  2. You can provide the same details over the phone to our Resolutions Team

  3. The Resolution Team will consider all provided information, review relevant policies and interview the relevant staffs and related parties. All information will then be provided to the lender for an outcome.

  4. The lender will undertake an assessment of the resolution as objectively and as quickly as possible. (Usually within 1 – 3 business days)

  5. We may contact you for further information or documents if required.

  6. We will make every effort, to be honest, reasonable, efficient and fair.

  7. Should you be satisfied with the outcome of the case, we are very grateful. 

  8. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome, you may provide additional details and request for a review.

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